National Disaster Management Office

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The Government of Botswana formulated the National Policy on Disaster Management which was approved in 1996 through Presidential Directive No. CAB 27/96.In 1998 the National Disaster Management Office was established under Office of the President to monitor, coordinate and respond to any rapid onset disasters in the country.2008 the NDMO conducted a nationwide study to conduct a hazard assessment of all the prevalent and potential hazards in the country


• The National Disaster Management Office is responsible for proactively formulating national disaster management systems and coordination across the disaster spectrum through;

• Preparing and updating the National Disaster Risk Management plans and guidelines.

• Formulating Standard Operating Procedures for emergency response and management.

• Providing early warning of an approaching disaster and predictions of its possible effects on the country, the population and their livelihoods.

• Maintaining a comprehensive Disaster Management Information system.

• Holding in readiness a series of preparedness or contigency plans, for specific hazards such as floods, wild land fires.

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