National Agency for Territorial Development

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The National Agency for Territorial Development, abbreviated ANAT, is created on November 20, 2009 by presidential decree n ° 2009-1302 of 20-11-091 and is endowed with an autonomy of management and, is invested with a public service mission. 

The Agency is a legal person governed by public law, benefiting from the financial assistance of the public authorities, which replaces the Direction de l'aménagement du territoire. It exercises the powers formerly devolved to the Geographical and Cartographic Works Department and to the National Agency for the Living Environment and Quality of Consumption. It has its headquarters in Dakar and is placed under the technical supervision of the Minister of Territorial Planning and the financial one of the Minister of Finance.

  • The National Agency for Territorial Planning has the following mission:

    To promote and implement government policy on land use planning, geographic and cartographic work and improvement of the living environment of the population.
    To implement all initiatives aimed at programming economic activities, taking into account the natural potential and human resources of each region, so as to rebalance the national economic space, curb the rural exodus, create jobs for young people and to help eradicate poverty.
    To ensure the coherence of the road, port and airport infrastructure networks that structure the national space and make it more attractive to national and international investments as well as the coherence of public facilities for better support of needs populations.
    To implement the National Land Use Planning Policy.
    To ensure widespread and widespread territorial development throughout the country.

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