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What is produced and who consumes it depends greatly on tenure security. Clear and secure tenure rights for owners and users reduce the potential for conflict and the threat of eviction; provide incentives to conserve and improve these assets; encourage land-related investments; allow land rental and sales markets to transfer land to more productive uses and users; and, if coupled with cost-effective systems of land administration, reduce the cost of credit by leveraging these assets as collateral (World Bank 2008).

Conceptual pathways and linkages between land tenure security and food security (Kenney-Lazar, 2016)

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When you want to write an article, solve a problem or some research the first thing you need is information or as you could say you need to conduct a literature search. In this page you can find several databases mentioned to help you finding the proper information. You can also find scientific output by EALAN member organisations.
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Land Governance Country Assessment For New Agricultural Investment Plan - Botswana

Etablished in 2003, the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) is the African Union’s policy framework for agricultural transformation of the continent. It aims to contribute to a significant increase in agricultural productivity in Africa’s mostly agriculture-based economies. With the adoption by the AU General Assembly in June 2014 of the Malabo Declaration on Accelerated Agricultural Growth and Transformation, CAADP has gained renewed political momentum. At the heart of the implementation process are country-specific strategies, the National Agriculture Investment Plans (NAIPs), that aim to increase investment and productivity in agriculture. This Policy Brief is the result of an in-depth country level Land Policy and Land Governance Assessments undertaken by NELGA experts with the objective to strengthen and mainstream land issues in the successor (or 2nd generation) NAIP and to contribute towards achieving the Malabo targets.

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