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With low productivity and stagnant production in many developing countries, investment in agriculture and food systems is essential for achieving food security and appropriate nutrition. Lack of investment has been identified as an underlying cause of recent food crises, and creates challenges for countries seeking to address food insecurity and malnutrition (FAO, 2015). However, it is essential to make sure that such investments do no harm legitimate tenure right holders.

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Land Governance Country Assessment For New Agricultural Investment Plan - Botswana

Etablished in 2003, the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) is the African Union’s policy framework for agricultural transformation of the continent. It aims to contribute to a significant increase in agricultural productivity in Africa’s mostly agriculture-based economies. With the adoption by the AU General Assembly in June 2014 of the Malabo Declaration on Accelerated Agricultural Growth and Transformation, CAADP has gained renewed political momentum. At the heart of the implementation process are country-specific strategies, the National Agriculture Investment Plans (NAIPs), that aim to increase investment and productivity in agriculture. This Policy Brief is the result of an in-depth country level Land Policy and Land Governance Assessments undertaken by NELGA experts with the objective to strengthen and mainstream land issues in the successor (or 2nd generation) NAIP and to contribute towards achieving the Malabo targets.

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The land cover legend of Senegal, consisting of 55 classes, was set up using the F.A.O. LCCS methodology. The analysis was based on a set of corrected Landsat ETM images dated 2005. To affine the interpretation, a set of aerial photos donated by USGS and the high resolution images of Google Earth have been used. The mapping scale used for the Land Cover visual photointerpretation was 1:100.000. Senegalese full resolution Land Cover dataset consists of 23,922 polygons, covering an area of 19,659 thousands ha. During the fieldworks carried out all across the country, 170 field forms have been compiled; moreover, about 700 field extra observations (GPS coordinates, a photo and a short description/code for each point) incremented the field work data which have been afterwards hot-linked in an interactive database

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CARTE SENEGAL 1/1000000eme

La cartographie à l’échelle 1 / 1 000 000 du Sénégal est dérivée du produit de la base de données topographiques à l’échelle 1 / 200 000.

Cette carte permet d'avoir une vision globale du territoire Sénégalais ainsi que l'accessibilité suivant les différentes localités.

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