Compulsory Land Acquisition and Good Governance: An Assessment of the Luguruni Satellite Town Project in Dar es Salaam Tanzania

Despite a comprehensive regulatory framework on land matters, compulsory land acquisition in Tanzania has been associated with complaints and delays in compensation payments an indication that good governance principles might not be under serious consideration. This paper evaluates land acquisition practices in Tanzania in the light of good governance principles based on interviews and focus group discussions with project affected people and government officials who were involved in Luguruni Satellite Town Project in Dar es Salaam.  It was observed that failure to observe good governance principles was one of the major reasons for dissatisfaction among affected people due to lack of adequate and clear information about the project, little participation, inadequate compensation and non-adherence to procedures.  Enforcement of governance principles would have facilitated the smooth implementation of compulsory land acquisition thereby reducing conflicts and enhance PAPs chance to voluntarily relocate.

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