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CARTE SENEGAL 1/1000000eme

La cartographie à l’échelle 1 / 1 000 000 du Sénégal est dérivée du produit de la base de données topographiques à l’échelle 1 / 200 000.

Cette carte permet d'avoir une vision globale du territoire Sénégalais ainsi que l'accessibilité suivant les différentes localités.

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Ealan research outputs

Jossam Potel 2021-09-23 09:13:28
This is the links to the two books published by Ealan on Land governance arrangements in Eastern Africa and The protection of women and vulnerable groups on Eastern Africa
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Rwanda GeoPortal

Jean Pierre Hitimana 2021-09-22 13:35:27
Rwanda Admin Boundaries:
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Valentine Mukanyndwi 2021-09-22 13:32:20
Gross primary production (GPP) and terrestrial net primary production (NPP) are fundamental quantities in the global carbon cycle, and for the production of food, fibre and biomass for human use. This project aims at exploiting Sentinel-3 data to develop and validate a productive model, consistent across different regions and ecosystems.The objective of the TerrA-P project is to define, implement ...
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80 + Indicators

Several indicators whitch include some aspect like land governance.

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Profile:Capital: Dodoma  Area: 947,303 km2Population: 44 Million (2012 Census)Life Expectancy: Male 60, Female 64 yearsInformation on Tanzania's forests see:  https://app...

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